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Call Us: 240-740-1060   /   Cecelia_J_Harmon@mcpsmd.org   /  19201 Thomas Farm Road, Mont. Village, MD

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Counseling Corner

September 2019

Welcome back to school. We are looking forward to working with you to help your child/children grow into happy healthy adults. Here are a few things we are doing this month:

Guidance Lessons

  • Mrs. Hilton, Ms. Pena (our Intern) and I have been busy visiting classrooms and reminding students about how to get help from the counselor.

  • New Student Lunches. Our classroom ambassadors and I have been busy having lunch with new students and helping them adjust to their new school. If your child is not a new student this year, they may be an Ambassador. For more information, go to the "Our Programs" section. 

  • Groups. Mrs. Hilton and I will start groups by October 2019. If you want to us to work with your child in a counseling group, please let us know by the end of the month. We have groups for:

    • Social Skills

    • Divorce (Banana Splits)

    • Friendship skills (Friends R' Us)

    • Grief and Loss (Care Bears)

    • ADHD (Energizers)

We must have a permission slip in order to include your child in a counseling group. Information will be provided about when and how long we will meet.

It's going to be a great year. If you need help, please call us at 240-740-1075.

Please visit our parent page for other parent support that counselors provide.

Student News

September 2019

Zones of Regulation

  • You learned all about the feelings in the zones this month. Remember to use the zones at home and at school, especially recess.

The Colors

  • RED - angry, furious, frustrated; when you are in the red zone STOP, calm down and use your strategies

  • GREEN - calm, alert, happy; when you are in the green zone, you are in control of your body and ready to learn

  • BLUE - sad, tired, sick; when you are in the Blue Zone, your body is in slow motion; very little energy. Use strategies to wake your brain up

  • YELLOW - excited, annoyed, silly; when you are in the yellow zone, you feel a lot of energy in your body. You may be out of control with excitement. Use strategies to get control of your body

Getting Counselor Help

  • Write us a "Talking Time Ticket" and put it in our mailbox on the 2nd floor

  • When we have time, we will come and see you or

  • Ask your mom or dad to write the counselor



  • Congratulations if you were chosen to be an Ambassador this year. You are a leadership in your class. Please remember to:

  • Be Safe

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Respectful

I am looking forward to having lunch with you all year along with your new students.   

Teacher Tips 

September 2019

Congratulations you have a new batch of students and they are the best batch ever!

Some secret ingredients:


Greet your students

  • Address each student by name with a big smile

  • Get to know each other. A community circle is a good start

Establish rules/routines

  • Use the PBIS matrix; make your expectations explicit and easy to understand; post your schedule and use visual cues. Remember your language learners

Reinforce the positive

  • Cool Cash

  • PAx

If reinforcement fails:

  • 1-2-3 Magic

  • Consequence Chart


If a child can't read

we teach

If a child can't swim

we teach

If a child can't multiply

we teach

If a child can't drive

we teach

If a child can't behave

we teach or punish?

Have a great year!

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